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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Muppet News Flash

The new Muppets gig proceeds apace. I'm currently working on my first twelve-pager for the Disney Adventures Comic Zone specials. Getting some interest from Muppet fans as well, which is a subculture I wasn't previously aware of. Steve Swanson, of the MuppetCast podcast, interviewed me about the strip a couple of days ago and I believe the show will be up shortly. And the Comics Journal interview is almost done now as well - I'm copy-editing the transcript at the moment. It's playing merry hell with my schedule, but it will keep me from sinking into obscurity for another few months.

The Journal piece has been quite an undertaking - five hour-long sessions with me, plus a short interview with my brother Andrew on top of it. And it looks like they'll be printing 20 pages of my comics in that issue as well. I guess that's my book for this year sorted.

Here's a teaser for my first Muppet strip, coming up in the August issue of Disney Adventures (August cover date means it should be out very soon, as is the way with newsstand publications, for arcane, probably once-valid historical reasons).


  1. I liked their costumes and I'm anxious to see Kermit and Fozzie Bear down by you...

  2. I've always been a huge Muppets fan and couldn't be happier that you're drawing them now. Congratulations and good luck!

    Oh, and a Langridge-centric TCJ is just about the best news all year.

  3. Bloody loved PIGS IN SPAAAAACE! as a kid.

  4. Hi. Random Muppet fan here. I've flipped through the August Disney Adventures, and there's no Pigs In Space to be found there. Any news?

  5. I'm in the dark there, I'm afraid. I haven't heard anything for a while so I sent my editor at Disney Adventure an e-mail a couple of days ago to remind him I'm still around. Last I heard he was showing my stuff to some Disney bigwigs for official approval, so for all I know they pulled the plug on the whole thing. Hope not. News as I hear it.


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