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The Muppet Show Comic Book

From 2009-2011, I wrote and drew a comic for Boom! Studios based on The Muppet Show - the original, the best, the 1970s version - which I'm delighted to say garnered an Eisner Award nomination and won a Harvey Award in 2010, in the "Best Publication for Younger Readers" category.

But they weren't the first Muppet comics I ever drew - I'd done a few pages for Disney Adventures Magazine a couple of years earlier, unfortunately on the eve of that publication's demise. Here are those pages, as I drew them - the versions eventually published in the Meet the Muppets collection were sadly edited to include such cunning stunts as a James Blunt parody, which I would like to state for the record I had absolutely nothing to do with.

Anyway. Here they are, as originally drawn. Raise those curtains...

About Me

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London, United Kingdom
Eisner and Harvey Award-winning cartoonist responsible for The Muppet Show Comic Book, Thor the Mighty Avenger, Snarked! and Fred the Clown. Would like to save the world through comics.