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Friday, August 01, 2014

One More Time for Fairy Tales...

So I've mentioned this on the blog before and given it a plug or two on Twitter, but this Kickstarter for Ray Friesen's Fairy Tales I Just Made Up is in its final stretch now, so it's time for one more screech. I am but one of a couple of dozen contributing illustrators, lending our daft sensibilities to Ray's extremely daft retellings of stories you thought you knew. If this is something you think you might enjoy I urge you to give it your support. Let's push this baby over the top!

Here's one of mine, from The Complete Works of William Shakespeare by Charles Dickens - although I expect you can tell the title just by looking at the picture.

Rose and her Boys

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Metal Men

Back from Luxembourg! Thanks to everyone at the Contern BD Festival who bought books, got a sketch, bought a piece of artwork or just made me feel welcome. And extra big thanks to the festival (and to Panini Deutschland's Alex Bubenheimer) for bringing me in the first place!

This is a commission I delivered on my trip.

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