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Thor the Mighty Avenger

In 2010, I wrote a comic for Marvel called Thor: The Mighty Avenger, an out-of-continuity "re-imagining" of Thor's early days on modern-day Earth. Part romance comic, part old-school superhero nerd-out, it was drawn by the phenomenal Chris Samnee, colored by Matthew Wilson, lettered by Rus Wooton, and edited by Nate Cosby (and later by Sana Amanat). It was intended to run for twelve issues (with the option of becoming an ongoing series if it went well), but was unfortunately cancelled at issue 8. I had great fun with it while it lasted. (There's still a Free Comic Book Day edition to come out in 2011, so look out for that.)

There are a couple of collected editions you can buy.

Thor the Mighty Avenger Vol 1:
       The God Who Fell to Earth

From Amazon UK

Thor the Mighty Avenger Vol 2
From Amazon UK

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