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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Further Ado

Mmm. Two weeks gone already. Really must watch that.

Latest news: My Comics Journal interview is scheduled for issue #284! Which surprised the hell out of me when I read about it, because we haven't actually conducted the interview yet. The first session will be tomorrow night. And I'll be drawing a cover for it, which will be grand.

Currently on the drawing board: "The Ballad of Silvertooth Johnson", a five-pager for the Indie Spinner Rack anthology. Featuring plenty of the kind of worn-out doggerel for which I am rightly scorned.

One for the Knuckles the Malevolent Nun fans: Cornelius Stone has (perhaps unadvisedly) allowed Sister Knuckles to put up her own MySpace page. With friends like these etc., etc. (insert own joke).

Just did a job for Disney Adventures Magazine. Here's the rough. I'm so kid-friendly I could hug myself.

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