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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Thing Cometh!

Couple of things. First, I'll be at the splendid UK Web and Mini-Comix Thing this Saturday doing my usual schtick, selling comics and artwork and sketching like a nut. Please come along if you're in London that day, it's always a great show. I'm working on a new Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple mini-comic for release on the day. And I'm going to have new printings of Fred the Clown #2, so you'll be able to buy the complete set at a bargain price.

Second, today Modern Tales are launching a new service whereby you can download a bunch of free comics in digital format, among them Fred the Clown #1. The format they're using is CBZ, which is basically a ZIP file with the ending "cbz" typed onto it. (The press release explains it in detail, telling you the various readers that are available - or you can just unzip the file and read the individual JPEGs.) Anyway, the CBZ-formatted edition can be downloaded here.

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