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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Treading Treacle

Officially, The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels came out in the UK yesterday (I believe it's been out for a while in the US). This is the book by Danny Fingeroth that I illustrated 30-odd pages of in "graphic novel", i.e. comic strip, format. It's the longest bit of sustained comic bookery I've done for a while, my comics tending to be of the 7-to-10 page variety lately.

Apart from that, on the face of it, I'm exactly where I was last week -- one page left to go on "Jailhouse Crock", a good chunk of the first Muppet issue still to be scripted. Getting there slowly, an hour or two every morning before I start working on whatever else I have scheduled for the day.

On the Muppet front, I can tell you that the first issue will feature the Planet Koozebane, the Swedish Chef, and Kermit playing the banjo. I'm working from a fairly tightly-constructed subplot, and inserting sketches between the character bits which I'm making up on the spot -- an attempt to give Disney something to look at and approve/alter at the plotting stage while a the same time trying to keep an element of spontaneity. Harder than it sounds! Disney occasionally asks me to insert a degree of sentimentality that is, shall we say, outside my comfort zone. I'm finding ways around it that keeps everybody happy so far, but it's a tightrope I'm walking here...

Here's a half-page from "Jailhouse Crock" to whet your appetites (click on it for a closer look). Before you ask, no, I have no idea where or when it's going to appear. But all the Fin Fang Four shorts will eventually be collected (at least, that was the plan when we signed on to do them last year). So look out for that some time before the Second Coming.


  1. Bought The Rough Guide in Borders last month (?!). Haven't read it all yet, but I'd like to see more of 'Spooky Bob'. Poor guy.

  2. Jailhouse Crock = corking. Never thought I'd see the Hypno-Hustler again! Who's the old geezer sitting in the chair in panel one? Anyway - do let us know when it's out and about.

    Speaking of out and about - alas, I won't be able to make the DWM bash on Saturday. Accomodation bother, among other things. But I should be on the con scene next year so hopefully I'll catch up with you then!


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