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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Captain, the Professor and the Idiot

This morning I finished writing the first of my all-ages Captain America six-page backups. I can't help thinking I'm a bit of a weird choice for the assignment, but it's been enjoyable to flex some writing muscles I don't normally use. I'm still not sure where they'll be appearing. I might find out when the cheque arrives.
Currently on the home stretch of colouring "The Disintegration Machine", a Professor Challenger story for Science Fiction Classics (spun off from the Graphic Classics line of literary adaptations). I honestly couldn't remember if I'd posted anything from this story or not, so apologies if I'm repeating myself here.

You'll notice that this sample is just pencils, as I haven't done the final fiddly stuff on the colour files yet. I couldn't tell you why I'd rather show off a half-drawn page than a completely drawn page that needs a minor tweak or two, but there you go. There are a lot of things I can't tell you, like recipes for buns, or how to work out the square on a hypotenuse. But I think you'll manage somehow.

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