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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gimme an "M"!

The first issue of The Muppet Show should be out on Wednesday - there's a preview at Comic Book Resources for those who can't wait. I saw a PDF version of the finished book last week and I'm very happy with how it's come out -- let's see if anyone else agrees... Below is a frame from the pencils to issue #3, the Gonzo issue. (Just to give you something to look forward to -- or to avoid, according to personal preference.)

If all goes smoothly, I should have a minicomic version of the first chapter of Mugwhump the Great available at The UK Web and Mini-Comix Thing this weekend. (I still need to do a bit of work on it, but it's getting there.) If you're in London (or willing to make the journey), please stop by and say hello -- I'll be there all day sketching, selling comics and artwork and generally making an appalling nuisance of myself as usual.


  1. I read the preview last night. You've managed to transfer The Muppet Show to the printed page but still feel like the tv show, which is an impressive feat.

    Can't wait to get my hands on the book when it's out.

  2. Hi Roger,

    A long-time Muppet fan here - I just had to say how thrilling it is to read a muppet comic that is so muppety - I didn't think it would be possible to recreate the show, musical numbers and all, but it's wildly surpassed my expectations! It's also awesome that The Muppet Show continues to be made in London, essentially, and is definitely something for us Uk'ers to be proud of. Being a Fred the Clown fan too, I was excited when your name was attched to the project, and even more delighted that it's been such a perfect fit. It's a shame that Diamond don't offer the comic direct to the UK because of Disney licencing issues, but I've already imported my copies of issue one just in case Gosh don't find a way of coming up trumps!

    Best of luck with the reception of the first issues, and I hope you get to continue making many more of them - i'll definitely be reading everything!

    Jamie : )

  3. Yeah, I have to ay that UK licensing thing is a bit of a disappointment (though I should be sent a couple of copies to give to my kids, since I drew the darn thing). Hopefully some far-sighted licensee over here will do something with it, like they do with the local Simpsons comics here that run US material. That'd be perfect - Muppets on newsstands!

  4. I'm really coming around to your Gonzo. Your interpretation is a little different, but it also gives the character the freaky factor that has been missing in his drawn form. Again, I am glad the Muppets are in your hands.

  5. Beautiful work, Roger, I'd be surprised if any Muppet fans, especially those with serious doubts about the comic, weren't convinced it's in supremely capable hands as soon as they've had a read.

    I asked for it in Gosh! the other day hoping it was already out, seems I was just a little bit too early. Darn.

    I may try and get along to the Thing, would love to, as I've never been before. London Transport do seem to be doing their level best to make it difficult, I'm looking at all the closed and part-closed train lines this weekend. Bah!

  6. Just read the Muppet Show Comic and picked up both covers today! This should be required reading for anyone attempting to write for the Muppets these days. You retain the integrity of the original program while injecting your own brand of zaniness that nicely suits the established brand.

    The character interpretations have evolved nicely since the preview comic and I'm very excited to see what's next. Lips sitting in with the Mayhem, Zelda Rose and her singing owl or maybe even Pepe’s inclusion?

    A near-perfect score from this rabid Muppet fan.

  7. I shall see you on Saturday Mr Langridge, and may, MAY ask for a Swedish Chef sketch.

  8. Hey Roger!

    It's your friendly neighbourhood variant cover artist here ;)
    (I did the Midtown Comics variant).

    Congratulations on bringing the classic Muppet Show back to the world. I've had comments on devart all day - everyone is SO excited to see the Muppets back again.
    Good luck with future stories!

    See you next issue ;)

  9. YAY Roger! I've thought everything you do is funny, and I love the muppets to death, so I should be in for a treat. Should I read the samples now, or have some self control?

    Wish I could come to the UK Webcomix thing, so many people I know and enjoy there. Are you going to be in San Diego this year? It's more adjacent to LA for my tastes.

  10. ... I read them.

    Here's the part where there's thunderous applause. I like looking at them in the CBR thumbnail mode, where you can see all of them next to each other, and the different color palettes per page.

    Triffic stuff Roger. You deserve hundreds and thousands more people telling you so.

    Also, when looking at it for a split second out of the corner of your eye at first, the news reader on page one appeared to be wearing a sombrero and false moustache, but that only added to my amusement. Am I the only one who saw that? Probably.

    Also, the word verification blogger is asking me to type seems very muppety as well 'Eardiso' -- a paradise for ones hearing instruments?

    Bring on issue #2! Also the 2nd half of issue #1, which I shall be paying for.

  11. Roger, I just finished reading issue 1 and loved that even on comic panels you respected the Muppets enought to leave them legless. It just isn't the same to have them walking on 2 legs.

    Can't wait for number 2 and you need to get these pages for sale so I can pick one up.

  12. I'm getting around to tracing down copies of the past issues ( I started with the Peg Leg issues) and love every panel. Just read #2 'Fozzie's Story' and I really like The Fatal Can of Beans number... but I want to know how the song/limerick ends! Did you make this up originally or is it out there somewhere, lost in 1913? Where is this idea from? (or did it just come to you in a dream, like mine do). Thanks Roger, you're awesome.


  13. Thanks, Anthony. For the record, the Fatal Can of Beans was my own invention, but the title was inspired by the W C Fields short, "The Fatal Glass of Beer", in which he sings a song that I consider a bit of an absurdist masterpiece, in that not one line of it rhymes with any other.


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