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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Lone Stranger

Further behind schedule than ever on the Muppets, but The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson #1 is only a couple more days away from completion now. I spoke yesterday to some cartoonist friends who, concerned for my health, kindly pointed out that nobody else writes, pencils and inks a monthly comic single-handedly. "Nobody else. Just you."

Now here's an illustration I did a while ago (judging by the art style). The name of the file is "Egghead and Zzapboy", but for the life of me I can't remember a single other thing about it. Who was it for? (affects Pee-Wee Herman voice) I Don't Know! Answers on a postcard please. Actually, writing these words, something comes back about the Egg - I originally drew him dour and professorial, but the client kept asking me to make it look more and more like "he was having a good time" until the final version looked completely unhinged. Who was that masked client? Shucks, Jimmy, I don't know.


  1. Just picked up the FING FANG one-shot and enjoyed it immensely! Let me know if Egghead and Zzapboy ever see print. I would buy them too!

  2. Zzapboy makes me think of the ancient computer games publication ZZAP!64 -- however I suspect this chap is of a later vintage. Those pauldrons of his look like the controls of a PlayStation, so possibly you were commissioned by some games rag focussing on Sony's systems.

  3. I'm loving the Muppet Show comics--pretty great. Thanks! I'll watch for Egghead and Zzapboy too.

  4. Still waiting for Boom to send my Gonzo A & B issues, but what I've seen is fantastic. I like that you've brought the origin ambiguity back to the character and he's looking good to me these days too. I think you've got his personality pinned. I'm looking forward to the Muppet Show opening up after the character specific arcs are over.


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