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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Only a couple of days now until I get on the plane to go to Heroes Con, and very much looking forward to it. For those of you attending the show who might want to track me down, I'll have a table at the Indy Island section, and will also be doing a panel on Saturday at 12:30pm, Making Comics for All Ages, with Jeff Smith, David Petersen and Chris Schweizer ("and more", it says on the schedule - possibly Don Rosa, who will be attending the show? Fingers crossed!).

Now, who can spot the difference between the cover above and the published version? Any ideas? Check out the audience members four rows back, between Gonzo's arm and his head. Yup - Bert and Ernie. I'm not allowed to use Sesame Street characters on the Muppet Show comics, but at the time I drew this cover I wasn't aware of that, so I tried to sneak 'em in. But I got busted! Still, makes a nice little curiosity for the old blog.

On the subject of Muppets, there's a chat online with me at about the third issue you may like to check out. And I spoke to Comic Geek Speak on Sunday for their pre Heroes Con show, so I imagine that will be up before the weekend. Their focus was mostly on the Muppets, although they very sweetly took the trouble to mention Fred the Clown a few times and ignored my Marvel work entirely. Did I mention I'll have Fred the Clown for sale at Heroes Con? I'll have Fred the Clown for sale at Heroes Con.

One more thing about Heroes Con - I will be sketching! Yes, I will! I'm going to try an experiment this year and have a Tip Jar, the idea being that you pay me whatever you think your sketch is worth. So everybody can afford one - no excuses!


  1. Apparently we're sitting next to each other at Heroes. Be prepared to draw me a muppet.

  2. I'll draw you a Muppet if you draw me Superman with a duck on his head.

  3. Really wish I could make it to Heroes again this year... it would be great to hang out with you once again.

    But a new baby and a general lack of funds prevents said reunion. Have a great show good sir... here's to the hope of joining next year's festivities!

  4. Dangit, I can't attend Heroes either and want some Muppets for my wall. When are you going to put pages up for sale? If I need to call Mark Waid so you can get permission, so be it.

    BTW. I will need Waid's number.

  5. That Gonzo/Davros sketch is marvelous.


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