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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

And still they come!

On a similar note to last week's post, I thought I'd run these this week - this is a selection of sketches I did a while back when I attended the APE convention in San Francisco. My daughter was 2 at the time, so it must have been four years ago. I think these were scanned by the gentleman who took them away with him, and the scans sent to me after the show. That's what my foggy memory is telling me, anyway. I think most of these are fairly self-explanatory.

What can I tell you, it's been a dull week.


  1. just found out you had a blog!

    amazing work!!!

    big fan of your fred the clown stuff!

  2. Was that four years ago already? You're overdue for a return visit--or we're overdue for a trip to England.

  3. Hey Andrew! Are you and Shaenon going to be at San Diego? Last-minute developments are going on behind the scenes that might yet drag me there despite my best efforts...

  4. Howdy Roger!

    You did a pretty swell sketch of Googam for me at Heroes Con the year before last. I'm also just discovering you have a blog and wanted to say that sketch means a lot to me.

  5. Andrew Farago7/09/2009 6:23 pm


    We're skipping this year, but planning to attend next year, when Shaenon will have at least a couple of new books out.

    We're in the process of buying a house right now, too, so we're watching our pennies pretty closely over the next few months.


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