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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hulk Pants

Langridge-watchers (all four of you) may like to check out a brief interview with me at Comic Book Resources, where I talk mainly about Muppets, but also about a few other bits and pieces. Here's the linkypoo.

Just finished writing Muppet Show #8, which will be the start of a new four-issue story arc. I'll be back at the drawing board from here on in for a while, so I'm taking the opportunity afforded me by Amy Mebberson's fabulous work on the Family Reunion story to get a good head start.

Do ya like the Hulk? Do ya? Well, do ya?? I drew this as part of a short burst of daily sketches which petered out after three days. Pooh. I may take another run at it. I haven't done much drawing over the last couple of months - it's all been writing - and I think I need to get limbered up a bit before jumping in to a new four-issue story.

Breathe in... aaannd relax.


  1. a good chuckle, that.
    love his franken-head and jaw. i'd actually buy the HULK if roger langridge drew it.

    stranger things DO happen.

  2. I like it. Maybe you could get a one shot going.

  3. I've actually written a Hulk one-off which is being illustrated even now. With Toad Men!

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