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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now, Here's the Thing...

I spent yesterday getting ready for the UK Web and Mini-Comix Thing this weekend - London's finest (and possibly only) small-press comics show. Oh, such treats! As well as printing up another batch of my usual old mini-comics, I'll have a brand new mini-edition of Mugwhump the Great collecting the web strip to date which will be making its debut at the show. This one clocks in at a stonking FORTY! PAGES! - and that's only Chapters 2 and 3; Chapter One is in a separate mini which I put together this time last year (also at the show this Saturday - so you can get the whole thing if you want). Terrifying in its own small way.

If you've seen the latest Mugwhump strip, you'll be aware that I'm taking a short break from the strip. Still a bit vague about when I'll be picking it up again, but I'm thinking it'll be a couple of months. During the gap, I'll still be updating the blog, so do keep checking in, won't you?

Here's an oldie. My brother Andrew and I did a comic called Zoot! for a couple of years in the early 90s. Zoot! #7 is a comic that never happened - most of what was intended to go into it was eventually collected in Zoot Suite, and I used a re-done version of the cover as the back cover to that book, but this actual version of the cover has never been published. I've often considered starting up Zoot! again as an online project, releasing it as a PDF every so often or something, right before looking at my schedule, falling off my chair and laughing.


  1. Hi sir!
    So... what's the chance of people in, oh, say, f'rinstance AUSTRALIA being able to get these minicomixthingies?
    Via, like, PayPal or something? Maybe?

  2. Well, I'm currently waiting to hear back from a publisher who's expressed an interest in collecting a bunch of my old work, including the minicomix, into a book. So that may be on the horizon. At the moment we're at the "we love it but we don't know what the hell to do with it" stage of the conversation.

  3. My humble suggestion: Do really high quality scans of it, correct colours, add other cool bits & pieces (if you like), and PUBLISH - and then people like me will go and buy copies! :D

    Added extra: publish it on big enough pages that one can actually read it. (Is that a reference to something? Nah, couldn't be!)

  4. Funny you should suggest that, because I was looking into that very possibility when I was approached by this publisher. If they can do it, it'll happen faster, because I don't have a huge amount of time to put a book together right now. Otherwise, I expect I'll get around to it whenever I can find a free week or two.

  5. What happened in Derek Seals? Did he get mad at the narrator for asking a question about his writing in front of the audience at his reading, ending their precarious relationship?

    1. All I know is Andrew stopped having the dreams about him that he was turning into strips. Derek is probably still wandering around his head, looking for the exit door...


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