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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Frog of Thunder!

Just finished this piece for the Heroes Con Art Auction and I thought I'd fling it up here for people to have a look at. The paint's barely dry!

I'll be on a couple of panels at Heroes: the first is "Craft and Process in Comics" on Friday at 4:30pm, and the other one is called "Family Friendly Comics" on Sunday at 12pm. And that table number again is 518 -- I'll be there whenever I'm not at a panel, signing, sketching and selling my wares. Hope to see you there!


  1. I really want that. Any chance it will be a print? I can't make it to Heroes and there isn't an online auction option.

  2. Love the art!

  3. You have combined two of my favorite things, Norse Mythology, via Marvel Comics, and the Muppets. Bravo.

  4. This is absolutely fantastic. Gonzo as Loki is perfect.

    Now if only we had a Warriors Three with Pepe/Fandral, Fozzie/Volstagg, and Scooter/Hogun.

  5. That's fantastic. I agree with Jon, Gonzo as Loki is inspired. I'd order that print, but would also suggest we petition Marvel for a Roger Langridge variant cover on Thor: Mighty Avenger.

  6. Awwww man they should have done the next Thor movie with this cast! Woulda been awesome!


  7. Roger, thanks so much for creating this piece. I was the high bidder at Heroes for it and took it home. The scan you posted shows how nice this piece is, but in hand it's even more amazing. Everyone at the auction, all the fans and pros, were loving this piece as I showed it to them. It's perfect, the textures, the attention to detail, and the colors are so well done. Thank you for this. It's getting framed and hanging on the wall for my kids to enjoy it too.


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