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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Up for Air

A couple of things to which I would like to direct your attention, if I may: first, Thor: The Mighty Avenger #3 would appear to be out already. The initial, frenetic issue-every-two-weeks schedule should settle down a little from here on in, and we'll be putting the thing out once a month like normal people. Chris Samnee will get a good night's sleep for the first time in several months! On the subject of Thor, there's a very nice review on NPR's website here, singling out Mr Samnee for its most particular praise - and quite right, too.

Getting close to SPX now, ain't it? There'll be very little on my table that's even slightly new, I'm afraid (although I've re-ordered some more copies of the fancy, repackaged Doctor Sputnik collection, so there'll at least be a minty-fresh cover on the table) - but I'll have the usual suspects (Fred the Clown, Knuckles) and a pile of minicomics, and I will of course be sketching the whole two days. I haven't been to SPX for a year or three, and I'm really looking forward to it - always such an energising, inspirational show. If I can cobble together a new minicomic before then, I will - though I'd avoid holding my breath for that if I were you.

Something to look forward to


  1. Lovely art, that. I'm guessing it's to be published, so I'm wondering: Is it obscene to see a female monsters baby feeder bits uncovered? Please let me know whether I should feel excited or appalled. This is all facetious of course, although I'm curious if the big mouse company will give you grief over it. Has this character appeared before w/o issue?

  2. No, the gorilla is one I made up for this issue. As for gorilla nipples (I should have called this post "Gorilla Nipples", shouldn't I?), sometimes the only way to find out if Disney will go for something is to run it under their noses. Although it never occurred to me that it might be an issue until you brought it up, to be honest.

    And yes, you should be aroused.

  3. Is this for the Four Seasons arc or the Romance arc?

  4. Four Seasons. The "True Romance" stuff is still a ways off, and I'm thinking the covers for that might lean more towards 50s and 60s romance comic cover pastiches, although I haven't really thought too hard about any of that yet.

  5. Sounds terrific! I'm loving your Muppet comics :)

  6. Well if Donald and kin haven't had to wear pants for several decades, can't see the harm in gorilla nipples.

    By the way, Mugwhump still on slate before the end of the year? Not being pushy, I know you're busy with the ping pong socks and the Norseman, just thought I'd put it out there as I'm the giddy sort.

  7. It'll be next year now, I think - if I'm being realistic. But it WILL happen. I've altered the banner to reflect this, thanks to your timely reminder.


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