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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goodbye Mister Henson

I've got some things going on right now. Not very fun things that most grown-ups have to deal with at some point in their lives. This is probably not the place to discuss the details, but it's certainly the place to address the fallout, so...

I've chosen to step down from the Muppet Show Comic Book. The story I'm currently drawing, "The Four Seasons," will be held back a few months, to be released next year sometime; Boom! Studios have been super-helpful and supportive at what is turning out to be a difficult time for me, and I thank them for that from the bottom of my heart. I thank them for a lot of stuff, actually. It's been an amazing couple of years. I hope to be working with them again when things have settled down.

Though probably not on the Muppets. Thing is, I was ready to move on - this personal situation made me jump when I did, but I was looking for an appropriate time to jump anyway. I feel like I've done about as much as I can with the Muppet characters - really, I'd rather move on while it's still fun than carry on grinding away long past the point where I'm enjoying it.

As I say, I'm not quite gone yet - "The Four Seasons" is supposed to appear some time next year, and I'm still working on that until the end of 2010, albeit not as quickly as I normally would. But eagle-eyed Muppet-watchers will probably have noticed by now that The Muppet Show Comic Book didn't come out this month, and I felt some kind of explanation was in order. So now you know what's going on. My particular and heartfelt thanks to all the readers out there for your amazing support over the book's run. Hearing from you, meeting you at shows, has been an absolute highlight of my time with the Muppets.


  1. Mr. Langridge,

    You have brought back to me a wonderful memory from my childhood, and even further, helped introduce my children to these wonderful characters. I'm sad to see you go, even sadder that it comes with "grown-up" issues. I hope you are able to overcome them and that things work out. "Grown-up" issues are far more important than a comic book about puppets, no matter how amazing it may be.

    But I wanted you to know that, even though I would love for you to continue with them forever, I've enjoyed your time with these characters, and wouldn't trade it for anything.


  2. I hate to see you go but you have laid the groundwork and set the bar for how the comic should be handled. Thanks for an amazing ride.

  3. Roger, I am so sorry to hear that you're going through a rough patch right now, but whatever you go to next down the line I know I'll be waiting and ready to read. Thanks for bringing the same level of joy and fun to the Muppet Show that Jim Henson and company did back in the day.

  4. Ah, it's truly a shame. These comics will forever rank among the closest to my heart.

  5. Well, and the comic's not selling very well anymore anyway (not just your books - all of them). You're wise to get out now.

  6. Roger,

    In The Muppet Show Comic Book you did something I thought impossible. you recreated hat we remember the Muppet Show to be, rather than what it actually was when we revisit it. You created the spinoff adaptation far better than the original. With a couple of Vic Reeves gags thrown in too. A highlight of the last few years of comics.

  7. Roger,

    Congratulations on an amazing run of Muppet comics. It's really rare that a creator gets matched up so perfectly with a licensed property. (I'd mention Carl Barks on Disney's duck comics, but I'd bet modesty would prevent you from letting me say that.)

    Best wishes to you and your family, and I hope your time away from the drawing board is brief.

  8. You have created something truely amazing with the Muppet books.

    I wish you the best and hope that everything works out in your favor.

    Thank You Roger.

  9. Roger: You will be missed. You helped bring back to life something a lot of us old Muppet fans have had to do without for quite some time now. If anything, you've started a momentum that I hope will continue. (especially with the movie in the works now)
    Thank you for everything.
    Good luck with your personal matters and I hope things work out for you.
    Chris Smigliano

  10. Hey Roger,
    I hope everything work out for you. I'm rooting for you. Hope to see you on the convention circuit next year.
    Eraklis (Herc) Petmezas

  11. Thank you, Roger.

    Your work on the Muppets is a creative touchstone for me — something I'll return to many, many, many times in the future.

    This sad news is lightened knowing that these books will always be in my collection.

  12. Thanks Roger,

    I live in NZ and enjoyed knowing a fellow Kiwi was looking after such a treasured bunch of characters that continue to bring me joy each day. I look forward to storing my Langridge Muppet comics away in the attic, only to bring them out again when my two young boys have spent as much time with the Muppets as I did as a kid, and can truly appreciate how well you breathed life into the Muppet machine and made those dolls wiggle on paper just perfectly.

    All the best for your future endeavours, and more than anything, remember not to grow up too fast, and continue to try and find humour in the chaos of life, as Kermit so often did.

  13. I really, really loved this comic and hate to see you go, but thank you so much for all the laughs from the last couple of years. You're the best!

  14. It was quite a thrill to be able to peer over your shoulder in the lobby of Comica Comiket last month and watch you at work on one of the final issues - I'm very glad I got the chance to voice my appreciation for these books in person! It's been a wonderful run with a freshness that has completely reignited my comics passions. I too echo the sentiments that these books will sit pride of place in my collection for many, many years to come!

    Thank you, Roger, and best of luck with everything at the moment - I look forward to discovering your next projects when the time is right!!!

  15. Thank you Mr. Langridge for writing all that you did with this property.

  16. Dear Roger,

    sorry to hear you're going through a rough time at the moment. It's sad to see you leave the Muppet Show as you've proved to be the ideal creator for the title and it's hard to see anyone doing a better job than you have, but at least we have a substantial run on the comic from you and that's something a great many people will be very happy to have on their shelves. Will look forward to whatever you do next.

    best wishes,

  17. Roger,

    Sorry to hear life's not going too smoothly for you right now. Also sorry that there's only a few more issues of the Muppets and Thor the Mighty to come. Whatever's next, I'll be reading. Hope things get settled for you soon.

    Take care,


  18. Mr. Langridge,

    Over at The Muppet Mindset ( we just posted our farewell to you as you depart The Muppet Show Comic Book:

    Thank you SO much for everything you've done for The Muppets. Your work on the comic has been incredible. Good luck to you, sir, and thank you!

    ~ Ryan Dosier

  19. In the beginning, I wasn't a fan; but, you won me over quickly. I appreciate your work on the books and am thankful for the opportunity you had with The Muppets to provide us with some fun, funny and interesting stories.

    Whatever is going on,I wish you the best. May success forever knock on your door.

    No, may success always break your door down and hold you high to the heavens!

    Kevin (Fozzie Bear @ M.C.)

  20. Roger

    Thank you so much for your wonderful series of comic books, even more so that you have brought The Muppets characters to life !!!!

    Just a brilliant piece of work, for which you should be amazingly proud.

    Best wishes, you rock !!!


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