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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thor the Cancelled Avenger

It's been officially announced now, apparently, so I can mention here at last that Thor: The Mighty Avenger has been cancelled - issue #8 will be the last one. Thanks to everyone who bought the book - it's been such a great experience working with Chris Samnee on this thing; his artwork consistently exceeded my expectations. He and colourist Matt Wilson made that book the best-looking one on the stands.

Chris and I were four issues shy of wrapping up the mega-subplot we'd been setting up since issue #1 - if we'd reached issue #12 a lot of questions would have been answered and the series would have been tied up with a nice little bow - so if you're Twitter-enabled and you'd like Marvel to publish those last four issues at some stage, let them know.

Update: Some commentary from around the internet...

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And perhaps most intriguingly...


  1. Sorry to hear about the cancellation, Roger. We are all up in arms on twitter

  2. Marvel should be punched in the face over this!

    Thank You Roger for writing such a great comic.I thought it was the best value for my comic dollar! Shame on Marvel for taking this comic away.

  3. As a trade reader I unfortunately couldn't buy the monthly but was REALLY looking forward to the trades. I pre-ordered the first 2 tpbs and sent a screen shot off to Marvel via twitter, hopefully the recent push the save the title over the last few days can at least help you guys get to 12 issues.... :(

  4. I've already sent my condolences to Chris and Matt, so I'll shall do the same here.

    I've bought every issue on release day and have to say, it was the first Marvel comic I've bought in over 10 years and was damn well worth the wait so I really must thank you for that.

    On a side note, all this time, having loved this series, I had no idea you were also the writer/illustrator of the Muppet Show comics. I never actually purchased an issue, but I've always loved the cover illustrations... with Thor ending this may have to change ;)

  5. I am very sorry to hear this as I am an avid reader of the book. This is the alt-616 book they should have kept over the other minis going on. These books, in both their words and pictures, were art. Art that was a hell of a lot of fun to read. Marvel may not choose to publish it any more, but I will continue to read it and, when they are older, so will my kids - as an example of how the medium works!

    Thanks for your work and efforts.

  6. I'm absolutely in love with this Thor title, and I can't believe that Marvel pulled the plug! To me, this was the ideal introduction for a whole slew of new Thor-lovers and Thor-fans in preparation for the movie, and I found the issues both hilarious and emotionally engaging! Your team tapped into the real essence of what makes the Thor myths so great by showing his humanity, misguided though he sometimes might be.

    I'll definitely be ordering the trades and shouting #SaveThorTheMightyAvenger from the rooftops!

  7. If you loved the book, join our facebook fan page now!

    Together we can turn the tides and find the Rainbow Bridge home.

  8. Stupid Marvel. This was the one comic that I bought from them. It was a superhero comic done right and they blew it.

  9. I loved the book. It was one of the rare mainstream books today that was just fun. Sometimes, fun is all a comic needs to be.

    I don't have twitter,but for all it's worth, I wrote this review.

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