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Sunday, March 27, 2011

eBay Bonanza!

Hello, you. Yes, you. That's right - the one with the immaculate good taste and a love of fine comic art and - Oh! It looks like you're visiting... my blog! Could it be that you're looking to buy some examples of hand-crafted comic book art by... moi?

Well, I commend you on your impeccable timing! For I have just posted upon the eBays a huge amount of said artwork for an amazing, one-price-fits-all £35 apiece (that's about $55 US) - truly a bargain! It's all work-for-hire stuff that I can't imagine ever needing again - work from Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Bizarro, Doctor Who Magazine, Fin Fang Four, Star Wars Tales, Judge Dredd the Megazine and such like - the kind that connoisseurs like yourself can't keep their hands off. (Oh yes. I've heard all about you.)

For readers in the United Kingdom, perhaps this link will be more to your taste...?

I thank you.

(Full disclosure: things are a little tight financially right now - I've got work on the desk, but nothing I'm likely to see a cheque from for at least another month or two - and if I manage to shift a couple of these it will make the next few weeks a whole lot easier. Thanks for looking!)


  1. Hi Roger! Pardon the nudge, but you might want to post a link to this on Twitter as well. Twitter's great for that kind of thing because the messages are so brief and fleeting; you can post about the same topic a few times so everyone has a chance to see it.

  2. Thanks for nudging! I'm still learning what the etiquette is on that thing. Don't want to appear pushy or nuffin'.


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