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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So - I did a chapter in an anthology called Nelson, coming out this November from Blank Slate Books (Amazon US link here; Amazon UK link here). It's an amazing idea - to tell the story of one person's life, chapter by chapter, year by year, with a different cartoonist handling each year - and hoping like mad it all hangs together. Masterminded by the amazing Rob Davis (whose Don Quixote from Self-Made-Hero you should all read, it's a hoot!) and Woodrow Phoenix (the man, the legend!), it was a unique challenge, but quite a thrill to be involved with - my name jostling with so many other great UK-based cartoonists, as we all tried not to derail the story, but build on what had gone before.

I've only read up to my chapter - I'm waiting until I have the thing in my hands before I read the ending, I want to experience it in its completed form - but up to that point, which was over three quarters of the way through, it was holding together amazingly well. In fact, it was more than just holding together, it was beautiful, funny, moving and delightful. It's going to be a terrific read.

There'll be some events around the time of the launch, not the least of which will be a massive signing schedule at the Thought Bubble festival in Leeds next month (I'll be there!), so do come along and get a book scribbled on if you get a chance. It's arguably the UK's comic publishing event of the year. I'm very, very proud to have been involved with it.

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