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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So the news has finally been officially announced - I'm writing Popeye for IDW. (There's a piece at CBR about it here.) First issue will be out in April, apparently. I blab on enough about it in the article, so I'll spare you too much of that here; suffice to say I've wanted to work on the character since I was 10. Quite, quite giddy with delight.


  1. This is like a dream come true! Congrats Roger! You and the family will have to come down for a duck dinner sometime to celebrate. You bring the ducks ;)

  2. Thanks mate! I don't know why there isn't an International "Talk Like Wimpy" Day...

  3. seriously?! i mean, for real?! YAY! :D
    hope this doesn't get the 'licence department won't allow it'-treatment and ship outside of the usa, too.

    oh, by the way, if you don't know this already, jim carey spoofing snow in 1992 and packing a great max-fleischer-popeye imitation in there:

  4. Congrats, Roger! Can't wait to read it and sell it to our customers at Heroes!

  5. Hi, Roger. Can I use this drawing of Popye with an announcement of the new series in a Dutch comic weekly and what should te copyright notice be? Alongside an image of the cover, of coure. You can reply me here or at my blog, where I will soon have more Thimble Theatres!

  6. Go nuts! Actually, there's a colour one here if you prefer:

    I guess the copyright notice would be ©2012 King Features Syndicate - those are the guys approving the scripts (or not approving, in one case - the joys of working on licensed properties).

    And thanks again for the Thimble Theatres!


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