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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hither and Yon

A few things!

ITEM • That nice man Nate Cosby has posted a teeny weeny preview of my story in COW BOY, the book he and Chris Eliopoulos did for Archaia, which looks pretty wonderful. Anyway, I did a two-pager for it. First couple of panels are visible here.

ITEM •  I gots me an exhibition! It'll be at Orbital Comics in London, kicking off on April 28th with a signing and carrying on until May 25th. More details here.

ITEM • There's a preview online of Snarked! #6, which should have come out earlier this week I believe.

ITEM • And I've just been asked by those lovely folk at Gosh! Comics in London to appear on Free Comic Book Day in their store and be nice to the kiddies. That'll be on May 5th; more info when I know the schedule and whatnot.

ITEM • I've just done a cover for an upcoming issue of Boom Studios' new series, Fanboys versus Zombies, which should grace the front of issue #5 I believe. 

ITEM • Popeye #1 is out this month! (Just wanted to throw that in there.)

Currently reading: Leo Baxendale's amazing Willy the Kid books from the 1970s. By golly, Baxendale knew how to do kids' comics. Making me re-evaluate everything I do in that arena. Check them out if you can, I managed to find Book 1 on eBay for three quid.

I think that's it - do let me know if I've forgotten anything, won't you?

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful news to hear... glad to know you are in-demand. and in a good way. Regards


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