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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Charlotte, I'm Comin' For Ya!

Heroes Con approacheth! And I am woefully underprepared! Yea, verily! However, there are a few pieces of information I would like to get out there before the show starts on Friday, so let's begin:

My Location: I will be located at AA-220 (there's a PDF of the floor plan here) - looks like I've finally been moved out of Indie Island the year I set myself up to be all Indie from now on. Ooh, irony, we hardly knew ye. Anyway, I'll be splat between Don Rosa, who I'm looking forward to meeting, and Nick Galifianakis, who will no doubt blow me out of the water with his drawing skills. Fine company.

Sketch Prices: This year there'll be two tiers, after an experiment in Bristol earlier this year which worked rather nicely. On Friday, I'll be doing regular sketches on white paper like the one on the left for $20, and I'll be doing fancy sketches (hereafter referred to as "fancy sketches") on coloured paper like the one on the right for $30. I'll still sketch free for kids. On Saturday and Sunday, after extensive consultation with a bunch of yahoos on Twitter, I'll be upping those prices to $40 and $60 respectively. If you want a cheap one, get in early!

Marvel and DC character sketches: This was a tough one. I was faced with a dilemma: should I just refuse to do them? Should I do them for free and annoy my neighbours, who would be charging? Or should I take the money and leave myself open to charges of hypocrisy and other malarkey? My elegant solution is to do Marvel and DC character sketches as usual, but to donate the proceeds from drawing those characters to the Hero Initiative. I've been in touch with the organisation about this and they're keen, and have helpfully supplied me with official logos and so forth, so that's what's happening. In short: from the point of view of you, the attendee wanting a sketch of Thor, it'll be business as usual. Plus, you'll be helping a good cause. Everybody wins!

Panels: Ooh, I'm up for a bunch of these.

  • Friday 1:30pm, Rm 203A: Henson Properties - with Amy Mebberson, James Silvani and Ramon Perez
  • Friday 4:00pm, Rm 206: Team Cul de Sac - with Chris Sparks, Danielle Corsetto, Shannon Gallant and Nick Galifianakis
  • Saturday 12:30pm, Rm 203A: Approaches to Humour - with Evan Dorkin and Tim Rickard
  • Sunday 11:00am, Rm 203A: All-Ages Comics - with Chris Schweizer, Jill Thompson and Skottie Young

Phew! And as usual, I'll have a bunch of artwork with me and as many books as I can carry. Hope to see you there!

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