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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thought Bubble and other stuff

Busy time here at the Hotel Fred - what the devil has he been up to, you ask? Well...

Apparently Popeye #7 came out last week? Is that right? Nobody tells me these things, but Comic Book Resources say it did, so let's assume they know what they're talking about. Anyway, it's an issue I both wrote and drew, so if that's something that interests you at all, I urge you to track it down. (And I'm just starting to draw another one at the moment, so there'll be more where that came from - the new one will be guest-starring... no, let's not spoil it. But a nice surprise for my fellow old-time strip nerds, I suspect.)

Signed off on a press release a few days ago which will be announcing something rather exciting. I'm trying not to pe-empt it, but oooh, it's ever so difficult. There's heroes and monsters and pretty girls and a fabulous artist and... and... I'll be quiet now. Ooh.

Submitted some roughs for a book illustration job. Out next Christmas if all goes well. (What the Dickens?!)

Oh, and hey! I'll be at Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend with my lovely daughter Tamsin (say "Happy Birthday" if you see her!) and a bunch of comics (Royal Armouries Hall, Table 50, thanks for asking). I'm working on a new mini-comic at the moment which I hope will be ready in time. Plus I'll have stacks of Snarked, Popeye and that old perennial, Fred the Clown, for sale. I will be sketching, if you're wondering - quick head-shots for free, £10 for something a bit more elaborate and polished (perhaps occasionally stretching all the way up to £20 if you want more than a couple of characters in the same drawing - don't be afraid to ask!). And I'll be donating proceeds from any Marvel or DC-themed sketches I do to the CBLDF.

Which last item reminds me, Chris "Monkeybrain" Roberson and I did a short piece in this year's Liberty Annual - worth your support!

Hope to see many of you this weekend...

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