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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A Little Wellington

I believe Popeye #12 is out tomorrow - at least, that's what someone told me. I don't know where you people find out this stuff! Anyway, here's a page of pencils from that issue. Quite pleased with this one.


  1. Very much looking forward to this, Roger. It looks great!

    1. Why, thank you too much! This gag was adapted from a Barney Google strip from the 20s, which I thought was appropriate for this particular issue...

  2. Another excellent issue. You, and everyone else, have done a wonderful job channeling the spirit of Segar with these twelve issues. Good job !

  3. Never read Barney Google but this issue was really great. It's sad that this is the last issue and Popeye will no longer be in my active pull list! Having said that, it means you'll be putting your spin onto something new, which will be just as exciting! Keep up the great work!


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