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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Artwork AWOL

Please take a look at the artwork below. Please ask yourself if you've seen any originals that look like these between October 2012 and now.

These are all pieces that were in an exhibition of New Zealand cartoonists' work in Treviso, Italy, last September. The exhibition organisers tell me the work was sent back to London, to a third party (also one of the exhibitors), along with his work, in October. He was supposed to pass them on to me. I'm now being told that my artwork never arrived.

I have no idea what might have happened to them. I'm keen not to accuse anybody of anything, as I have no proof of any wrongdoing; there may have been a mistake made when packing the artwork, and it may still be in Italy. Somebody may have tampered with the package en route. I have no clue what the real story might be. What I do know is that I would like the work back.

Some of the pieces are ones I intended to keep for the rest of my life. Others I was hoping to sell to help get me through a period where I'm not earning very much. One piece is the property of another person, who kindly lent it to me for the exhibition.

If anybody knows the whereabouts of the artwork in question, please let me know. No questions asked –  I just want it back.

Thanks for looking.

(Note: The original of this piece is in black and white, but this is the only scan I have.)


  1. A loss like this is too significant to allow tobe buried in the archive when new blog entries are posted. You should put a link to this post in either the left or right column (something to the effect of "Have you seen these?") so that in coming weeks new readers unaware that these are missing can be led directly to it. More importantly, a similar link should be put in the "Buy Artwork" pages. The people who go to those pages would be the most likely to be offered original art at conventions or online sites. While it's possible that these pages are sitting in a mismarked envelope on a shelf or in a closet, if anyone should find them and try to sell them it would help for fans looking to buy your original art to know beforehand where these came from, and perhaps steer them back to you.

    That may not be comforting but I hope that it helps.

  2. Both of your suggestions are very good ones. I'm working on both. Much appreciated.

  3. Hello. Sad to hear of the unfortunate turn of events. I will certainly keep an eye for them. Hope they do come back someday. Regards. A


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