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Monday, June 24, 2013

More of this please

I'm constantly dismayed that all people want me to do is more Thor the Mighty Avenger or Muppets, and all I want to do is stuff like this.


  1. That looks great. A real '30s animation vibe, with a bit of a Krazy Kat sensibility.

  2. Felix The Cat!?!?! Okay, I know it's not but it has a similar quality. Keep doing the other stuff so that you can afford to do your own creations! That way it will make them that much more special!

  3. Yeah, do more of that. It's awesome.

  4. That must be what Kim Deitch sees when he dreams.

  5. Well, personally I want to see you do more Snarked.

  6. I'd like a compromise: A Thor comic, done in this style.


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