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Sunday, October 20, 2013


There's a better world out there somewhere where Metamorpho the Element Man has his own title and I write and draw it.


  1. I've never commented on your blog before, but I had to comment on this. If this book happened, I would buy the monthlies, and then I would give the monthlies away, and then I would buy the Periodic Hardcover of Elements and donate my trades to the library.

  2. You do Ms. Fradon proud here.

    1. If you're in the U.S., PBS stations are rebroadcasting a three-hour miniseries about super-hero comics as a single 3hr feature and there are a few clips of Ramona Fradon talking about being a female creator in the golden age.

    2. I'm so very not in the U.S., but Ramona Fradon is a bit of a hero of mine.

  3. That would be one groovy world daddy-o, and I'd be hip to that!

  4. There are at least a dozen classic superhero books I'd love to see you write and draw. Metamorpho, Metal Men, Plastic Man, Doom Patrol, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel...

  5. Just read your Thor comics recently, Roger! Good stuff. I like this too1

  6. That I would pay good money for! I love this piece. You did a lovely job of capturing some of the essence of Ramona Fradon's original character designs while remaining true to your own style. Great work!


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