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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Barney Google Will Never Die

I found myself with an unexpected day free today while I wait for some stuff to be approved, so I (a) did some writing and (b) knocked up a reconstruction of this 1920 Barney Google advertisement. I sourced the original image from (they host thousands of scans of newspaper microfiche files, including many, many old strips – I used to have an account before they jacked their subscription fees up to an unmanageable level, and I gorged myself on Barney Google for a few years there) and, as a technical exercise, reconstructed the image in brush and ink. Here are the results.

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  1. I chucked in NewapperArchive as well when they hiked the price (and reserved to do so again unannounced). Then I found another site, that has great papers (more dailies than Sundays, but great condition) but my friends told me they have the same (high) pricing system. Currently I am using Fulham History, which is a meant for people who want postcards of their relatives birth announcement or something like that, but they do have a search function and lot of rare New York area papers. A bitch to use but you may want to try it on a slow day.


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