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Friday, January 10, 2014

So Here's the Plan...

Couple of things...

First, apologies for neglecting the blog over the past couple of weeks; I've been extremely busy, which is a nice problem to have after last year's abysmal performance... and, to be honest, 2013's daily posts had left me feeling a little bit burned out. However! I'm going to try to get back in the saddle as of now, so I'll be posting a couple of items a day while I play catch-up. I like the idea of having a post per day, especially as I'll be off the comic shelves for some quite long stretches of time this year while I work on something fairly big and substantial (shh!). It's always a good idea when you're in that situation to remind people on a regular basis that you're still alive.

Second, it's been brought to my attention that the Fred the Clown link above is no longer working. I've looked into it, and the very simple reason seems to be that my "lifetime account" on WebComics Nation is no more – as indeed, it appears, is WebComics Nation itself. Happily, the Fred the Clown book is still available, so a lot of those strips are still out there for anyone who wants to read them (albeit in black and white); however, there were many, many strips that never made it into the book, either because the drawing was a bit shonky, the idea was topical and didn't warrant being stuck between covers for posterity, or because I just didn't like them quite as much for whatever reason.

So here's the plan. I'll start posting the odd Fred the Clown strip from Ye Archives here, on the ol' blogeroo – the ones that aren't in the collection (a.k.a. "the shit ones"). I actually redrew and updated some of them for various anthologies over the past several years, so there are some previously-unposted (and substantially improved!) versions in the mix as well – something new-ish for anyone who's read them all before. I'll be tagging them, too, and I'll amend the link at the top of the page so it takes you to the tagged posts. The current plan is to post them Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and inflict other rubbish on you during the rest of the week. I may change my mind because I'm capricious and fickle that way.


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