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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fred the Style King

Here are a couple of glimpses at the style tests I did for the new Fred book (now one-third pencilled, folks!) Just had an e-mail, not half an hour ago, about an online serialisation opportunity, to start sooner rather than later (tease, tease!). Watch this space...

(Leaning towards the blue tones at the moment.)


  1. The B&W with wood textures (below) makes it look as though they have put curtains in the barn, and gives an optimistic "it's-a-barn-but-it's-our-barn" feel to it. The blue tone in place of the wood textures (above) makes it look like they threw down hay inside of a suburban house, and gives more of a "why-bother-trying" feel.

    1. Point taken. The textures in the bottom one are a bit heavy, but a little bit wouldn't hurt.

  2. Cripes, it looks like somebody tried to embed a ton of advertising links in the comments of the zombie Popeye post a few days back (4/3?). FYI.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up - deleted.

  3. Excited about this! Keep on Mr Langridge!

  4. Thanks For Sharing.


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