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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I'm back from SPX, although my luggage isn't yet; hoping that arrives before I'm old and grey(er). As usual, I had a fantastic time, made some friends, caught up with some old ones, and (for once) made some money! This is not always a fait accompli when I attend shows in the US (or here in the UK, come to that), but this year I had a new book, which I'm sure helped enormously.

Huge thanks to everyone who helps make SPX the invigorating, fabulous show it is – organisers, volunteers, guests, exhibitors and attendees, and the hotel staff for putting up with us all. Particular thanks to Warren Bernard for his hospitality. I'd love to give shout-outs to everyone I encountered who made the weekend memorable for me, but I'd just sound like the most appalling name-dropper. You all know who you are. If a meteor landed on that hotel that weekend, comics would lose a couple of generations of its finest talents.

Here's one of the sketches I did at the show. I'll leak out some more over the next few days.

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