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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tanks for the Memories

Another Horrible Histories spread. I remember having to redraw the tank quite a few times, so that it looked (to me) like one that was exactly the same. They had some boffin there who did it to everyone on that issue, apparently. People kept drawing the tank tracks a quarter of an inch too far apart or something...


  1. Any idea where you're going to be at Comic Con?

  2. I'll be doing signings at the Fantagraphics booth throughout the show, as well as participating in a few panels. But Fantagraphics should be your first port of call.

  3. Roger
    Congratulations by your blog, I have put Link in Perejilpuntocom next to an image yours.

    Greetings :)

  4. have you quit blogging? I was really enjoying your work...

  5. Sorry folks, it's been a really busy couple of months. I may have to admit defeat here, I really can't keep this up. Probably will try to do one more really long signing-off post before I abandon this blog to the locusts.

  6. How about not giving it up completely but just posting something when you have the time? You shouldn't feel like you have to do something everyday... no one who blogs like that could keep this up. I would suggest just posting somethign from time to time when you really feel like sharing. (sorry, have to complete my hi-res collection of your Doctor Who art for my computer backgrounds, so my advice is selfish to an extent)


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