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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

End of Chapter One!

Mugwhump Chapter One concludes this week over at Act-i-Vate (and at the Hotel Fred next week). Time to panic as I try to figure out Chapter Two. I've got a plot written down but not a single word of dialogue. Watch this space as I fly by the seat of my pants, very probably into a cliff.

Here's another Kirby-themed convention booklet page, by popular demand (if two people counts as popular - as a proportion of my readership, that's probably about right, actually). I suppose it's a sequel of sorts to Kirby Planet a couple of weeks ago. These things were always auctioned for charity, so I tried to get some Marvel and DC characters in there each time to bump the bids up a bit, while still doing something identifiably Langridge. You have to pay a fee to be in the convention books these days, and the artwork doesn't go to a good cause any longer, so I've kind of stopped caring. I'll shut up now before my true age of 112 becomes even more obvious.


  1. Nice work man

  2. This is, bar none, the most awesome thing I've seen all year. Beautiful work, Mr L!

    Also, good luck with chap 2!

    Oh! Cool word from Word Verification: FINGST. I'm-a using that!

  3. This is nothing short of awesome. Thanks for sharing this! :-D

  4. Excellent work, but Namor wasn't created by Kirby. He was created by Bill Everett.

    New Gods, New Genesis or even Nega Man (FF villain) would be better.

  5. True enough, but neither was Jimmy Olsen - that wasn't really my main criterion. I just wanted characters with a strong Kirby association. And Namor's got that in spades!


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