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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rehearsal Time is Over!

As I write this, the first issue of the Muppet Show comic is getting ready to go to the printers. This week I've been doing a few last-minute art fixes after Disney finally got back with comments - nothing too drastic, they seem pretty happy for the most part. They wanted Animal's hair a bit shaggier, that's about it. So shaggier it shall be.

Nick Mag's Nickelodeon Comic #33 (February 2009 issue) arrived in the post this week with a "Back to the Barnyard" story I drew, so I guess that's out around now. Oh, and Cthulhu Tales #11 as well. I have very mixed feelings about how I can work for months with nothing coming out, then everything hits the stands in a three-week period... it makes me look like a very lazy man with an occasional amphetamine habit.


  1. I'm so giddy for a Muppet Show comic book. Do you know what the release date will be?
    I do agree that Animal's hair is a little too neat. But aside from that, I love the Rogerized Muppet universe!!

  2. Delighted to hear it! As far as I've been able to work out from a quick Google, it's coming out on March 25th.

  3. I am thrilled about that Dr. Teeth!

    Looking forward to this.

  4. You kids and "the Google".
    Thanks, sir.


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