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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Comic Supplement

Lots of writing at the moment as I get caught up. So - not a lot of pretty pictures to share with you... you'll have to settle for my manky old sketches. Meanwhile, a crust of inky shellac forms on the rim of the inkpot, welding the lid onto it like cement...

Been reading a rather good biography of W.C. Fields lately. There's a lot of interesting stuff about a revue he appeared in when he was a Broadway star called The Comic Supplement, in which the acts represented "strips" in a conceptual Sunday Funnies section, and it struck me that I'm far from the first person to combine vaudeville and comics. Genuine vaudevilleans beat me to it by about 80 years.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Roger. You can always post those sketches you did for me last year. I'm sure the fans would love to see your take on Emma Peel, Carl, etc. p.s. Love the new storyline. Regards, Anson


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