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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doing the Hokey Kokey

Okay, Muppeteers -- the next story arc situation is sorted out, and basically it means things have been switched around and a later story arc has been moved forward. And in a funny kind of way, it's worked out for the best -- because there's a big surprise coming up for long-time Muppet fans, and it's one we've managed to avoid foreshadowing in Previews and online publicity thanks to the switch... so when you see it, it'll really be a surprise. I'll say no more.

Last week I finished writing a Hulk one-shot for Marvel, which was great fun to do. I'm talking about doing more work for them, but only after I've caught up on my Muppet commitments... which I'm running kind of late with at the moment. Time to get to that keyboard. Fly, little fingers... fly like the wind!


  1. Roger, I love to see your other work but please don't delay my Monthly Muppet fix. This fills a hole in my vaudvillian lovers heart that I can't even begin to describe.

  2. I'm pretty sure we're on schedule, though only by the skin of our teeth!

  3. Glad to hear it! Your work for the Muppets has been great!

  4. Your Muppet work has been spectacular. I like the Pigs in Space issue so much and wish Disney would turn it into it's own series or an animated program. There is no doubt how you get the heartbeat of each character.

  5. I appreciate that! Thank you.

  6. So is the guets stars storyarc still coming out after "On the Road", or is the storyarc coming before the :guets stars" issues?

  7. I too am enamored with your Muppeteering skills. But eh, confidentially, any chance we can get the tiniest peek at a Hulk prelim or whatnot?

  8. Well, the Hulk story is just scripted by me - it's being drawn by one of the regular artists. So I got nothin'.

    Anon: The next story arc is called "Family Reunion". Oop! I've said too much!

  9. Is it Fozzie's narcoleptic mother? Cousin Irving? Astoria? Kermit's Swamp folks? Muppy? SKEETER?!?

  10. I think a Muppy revival is long overdue.


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