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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

G'day, Mate!

Okay, so this week I made a decision - Mugwhump the Great will take another short hiatus once the current chapter is finished, which will be in about a month. I've got a trip to New Zealand coming up - I'll be there for most of April - and trying to get ahead enough before I left was proving too much for even my considerable powers. Best to worry about it after I get back from the Old Country. I'm determined that there will be content updating at the Hotel Fred of some kind or another during its absence - so stay tuned as I work out what that actually is.

Anyway. Having made that decision, I've had to get cracking on some scripts that are due. I'm currently scripting, tag-style, Muppet Show #8 (which I'll be back to drawing full-time after Amy Mebberson's wonderful run concludes) and, er, something else. Sorry to be a tease, but I saw the cover for the first issue yesterday and I just about wet myself. It should be something wonderful.

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