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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kids Read Comics!

They've announced it on their website, so it's time I made some noise about it here: I will be attending the Kids Read Comics convention in Dearborn, Michigan on June 12th & 13th - one week after attending Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC, actually, so it's going to be a busy old time for a couple of weeks there. I'm excited about both events, but Kids Read Comics is kind of unique in that, as the name implies, the focus is on child-friendly and all-ages comics. Which is the end of the comic industry where I'm spending pretty much all my time these days. In addition to the opportunity to meet a lot of younger readers I might not otherwise get a chance to see, there'll be a whole bunch of great cartoonists there who I'm really looking forward to meeting as well. So - a good place to go and a good time to go there.

According to Graham Linehan's blog, he's actively looking for "cool stuff" to spread around the set of the new series of The IT Crowd, currently a strong contender for Britain's Best Sitcom in my humble opinion. By "cool stuff" he means all kinds of things, but particularly comic-related things - in previous series he's had Jim Woodring posters, Daniel Clowes books and, oh yes, Fred the Clown comics. It helps if you own the rights to the things you send him, but it's not essential. So if you think you can help, head on over.

In other news, I just clocked up another year on this dirtball we call Earth. My birthday presents reflected my rapidly-advancing age - a box of licorice, no doubt intended to ease my bowel movements; a David Sedaris audiobook, to aid me with my failing eyesight; and some Art Jazz by Bill Frisell, because I'm not into all that hippety-hoppety stuff they do nowadays.

Pass the toffees.


  1. Happy belated, sir! Glad to hear you’ve still able to enjoy licorice in it’s solid form rather than relying on the food processor and a straw.

    Always great to hear about the events and whatnot that focus on the young'uns. I'm glad that kid friendly media seems to be getting more quality treatment than it did when I was coming up. Lot of good ideas and execution there, including your own fantastic efforts. I especially like that I can enjoy a lot of it with my kids, rather than suffer through as you do with some things. I'm sure a fellow dad can relate. Take care.

  2. Happy birthday, Roger. Your work's looking great as usual. Good to see yer keepin' busy between the muppets and Marvel. When it rains it Continued success!!


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