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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

San Diego ComicCon 2012

Okay, I'm a bit behind with this, but I ought to report that Snarked! won the Eisner Award for Best Publication for Kids! Really, really thrilled, and grateful - and especially gratified to receive such an august recognition for something that wasn't a corporate property, but rather a story I crafted on my own (given a certain amount of inspiration by one Lewis Carroll, naturally). So yeah. I had a pretty good ComicCon after that, in spite of my usual overwhelming dread of the thing. Might even come back some time!

Rather than write up a report of my experiences of the show, I thought I'd just drop some more sketches on you. Commissioned sketchery wasn't really happening this year - because I was brought out to the show by Boom! Studios, who had a sketch team of their own doing Adventure Time commissions and wouldn't have appreciated the competition - but I did a fair bit of doodling in my notebook throughout the five days, basically just keeping my hands moving during the slow patches. (I thought that was probably not as confrontational as staring at passers-by with mad, pleading eyes.) Some of these are for projects I'm working on, some are just pure whimsy. If you can guess which is which you get to make yourself a nice cup of tea.

Last thing: on the column to your left, you'll notice there's a bunch of links to various comics I've done which are available in digital format. I'll keep adding to the list as things continue to expand in that area (as they inevitably will - we live in the future now, folks!). I may even throw up a little bit of exclusive content you'll never see on Comixology, like the odd minicomic or what-have-you. I'll yell about it here if and when that happens.

All right, enough wittering. Time to let my pencil do the talking.


  1. These are amazing Roger! As always.

  2. Love the cowboy Ham, for the delight you've obviously taken in drawing those Segar knees...

  3. Thanks! Yes, Cowboy Ham is definitely one I'm having fun with. (One of the "future project" doodles, if it wasn't already obvious...)

  4. I'm the man with the lightbulb head, I turn myself on in the dark. I'm the man with the lightbulb head, I turn myself on for a lark...

    1. Robyn Hitchcock and Carl Barks both did men with lightbulb heads, and I've liberally used ideas from both of them over the years... such a lovely image, though.

  5. A few knocking about in my sketchbooks over the years too. I feel as if there must have been a Brothers Quay animation with someone lightbulb headed in it too, but might be misremembering.

  6. I am really enjoying your Popeye series, as are my kids. They are also loving reading all your Muppet books. I plan to pick up Snarked soon...I have to admit that the description of Lewis Carroll meets Popeye is a good sales pitch!

    I thought I would be the only one excited to see your Ham Gravy sketch, but maybe he has a bigger fan club than I suspected! I am particularly looking forward to the issue of Popeye that you are illustrating.

  7. Amazing job, really great, i have hope to see more pics from you


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