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Friday, September 14, 2012

Back From the Woods

So, #12 will be the final issue of Snarked! I'll be sorry to see the Walrus and Carpenter go off into the sunset, though I'm happy that the story I originally set out to tell will reach its natural conclusion. I've had an absolute blast working on the series (it's really been the first time in my life I've been able to make a living working on my own stuff for more than a few weeks at a time) and I'd love to revisit the characters one day soon. It looks as if sales on the book collections will be the deciding factor on whether or not I'll get the chance - so please vote with your wallets! And tell your friends!

That said, I've got a few things coming up - some of which I can talk about, others of which I'll have to refer to obliquely, I'm afraid. The main, regular thing I'm working on right now is Popeye for IDW, of course - writing each issue, and drawing the occasional story as time allows. My first interior artwork is currently scheduled for #7 (although the stories, being self-contained as they are, get shuffled around quite a bit, so it might end up somewhere else. But #7 it is for the moment.) I should also point out that the first book collection is available for pre-orders now.

I'm also writing something else for IDW. I hope I can talk about that soon. Right now, let's just say that it's something more in the action-adventure line.

I'm going to be illustrating a book. A proper book, with words and everything. That won't be out until Christmas 2013, but I'll be working on the drawings later this year.

I've got more stuff in the pipeline for IDW, as well - drawing this time. Just a single issue of something. (Shh.)

And I'm working on a new creator-owned idea right now - it's not quite there yet, but I feel I'm onto something. I'm going to do a three-page story to "take the idea for a walk", as it were, for David Lloyd's new online anthology, Aces Weekly - and I guess I'll take things from there if it works out. For now, I'll just say I hope you like hats.

To close out, here are some sketches I did at the Baltimore Comic Con last week, which was really wonderful (even though I didn't win any of the Harvey Awards I was nominated for - Kate Beaton deservedly winning a couple of them instead). Even so, I had a great time and I hope I can get back there again next year.


  1. You forgot this sketch you did on Saturday. I submitted it to ComicsAlliance, and it made the weekly Best Art Ever (This Week) column. Once again: thanks for drawing out my idea!

  2. Great work, are you just using white pencil for highlights on the off-color paper?

    1. Thanks! There's a combination of pencil and some sort of white gel-based pen I picked up somewhere. I use that one for things like eyes and teeth and any really bright highlights.

  3. Infinite thanks and praise to you for Snarked!, Mr. Langridge. :) I finally finished the series and am equally sad to see the end of it, but I loved it THOROUGHLY, and hold Wilberforce dear to my heart as one of my favorite characters of all time. :) I'll definitely vote and hope that, in time, we will see him and his friends/enemies again. :)

    Congratulations, too, on your well-deserved Eisner award, and I wish you the best of luck and skill in your other projects! I also have to commend you on a WONDERFUL image of The Penguin (my favorite supervillain and a partial model for my "alter-ego" and his backstory). :) I do hope I will see you at a convention in the future!

    And thank you, once more, for giving me a spot to shine in that issue. My friends are tickled pink about it, and it continues to make me smile with walrus-y pride.


    "Walrus" Royce Cobblepot (aka Roycey-Woycey)


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