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Monday, February 04, 2013

The Thirteenth Floor

(UPDATE: I've just been informed that there's a problem delivering to the United States - no idea why. I'm looking into it. My apologies if you've been thwarted in your ordering attempts - I hope to have this resolved shortly.)

So... in the late 1990s I did a graphic novel. (I say novel; it was 70 pages plus change. A big comic, really... but then, aren't they all?) For various reasons, but mainly because it didn't quite work as a story, it's been sitting in a drawer since then.

But digital publication wasn't an option back then the way it is now, and what I'd feel odd about printing and selling for the full retail price of a book, I feel okay about charging £3 (that's around $5 for the Americans, I think) for and offering as a download. So here it is: The Thirteenth Floor, folly and curiosity.

There are a couple of options: you can buy the PDF here, or the CBZ format here. Both the same price, both roughly 40MB. (There was going to be a third option of a ZIP file containing a couple of other formats as well - epub, mobi - but I don't appear to have enough space on the Pulley account I set up last night, so they'll have to wait. If you buy any format and you'd like one of those, though, just e-mail me and I'll fix you up.)

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