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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Grimshaw Schrimshaw

Here's a really stoopid strip I did as a one-off for some magazine or other, I can't even remember what it was now. I think it was the dummy for a new thing that somebody wanted to launch. Anyway, they never came back to me for another episode.

The script isn't mine; I've no idea who the perpetrator is.


  1. Roger,

    Slow day at work for me.

    It is lovely to see you have made good. I still have some poster blanks you did for the Monty Python thing circa 1988 (or was that Andrew?) and whenever I think about throwing them out I tell myself they'll be a collectors item when you die. So, how are you feeling?

    BTW, are those your pubes taped in the front of my copy of Knuckles? (Haven't seen it for years but I don't remember throwing it out).


  2. Hey Doug!

    Python Society thingies were mine. Andrew was Auckland Film Society. Those were Cornelius' pubes, I believe. If they were mine, they were taken by stealth.

    Feeling: tired! Kids do that to you. I've noticed...


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