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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Caution: May Contain Comedy Swearing

Aargh, dropping the ball here again. All right, here's an as-yet unpublished Knuckles cartoon. Supposed to go into a new Knuckles comic (which I'll only be contributing to occasionally, although Cornelius Stone will still be the main writer). I think it'll come out when they've got three issues in the can, whenever that is. Corn, bless 'im, has made the concession for the American market of inventing the word "gunt" to replace the more obvious choice. By George, I think we've cracked it! Fame and fortune can only be a comic book away.


  1. Knuckles' nose in the fourth panel, with the warts all rippling and blowing in the breeze, is one of the most repulsive things I've ever seen. Nice work.

  2. Really nice layout! I think all comics should be black and white, you don't need colour to create atmospere. Great stuff.

  3. The most disturbing thing to me is how cheerful and un-malevolent Knuckles looks in that first panel. But it looks like it'll come to blows fairly quickly. Whew!

    Interesting how cartoons can get away with leaving out punctuation in dialogue balloons - and yet the tone of the dialogue is very clear (cf. Roast Beef in ACHEWOOD.)

    So when does the new Knuckles series debut?

  4. It was supposed to come out in 2003. There's been some trouble getting artists to make a commitment and finish the work. One artist, Toby Morris, found his music career suddenly taking off and the script sat on his table for about a year or something. I would like to say it'll be out later this year (it'll probably a 3 or 4-issue miniseries of self-contained issues rather than the ongoing series that was originally planned) but I've been wrong before.


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