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Monday, February 13, 2006

Needle & Fred

During the first year of the Fred the Clown web strip's existence, I tried to get somebody to publish the strips I'd done so far. I put together a spiffy little dummy with the strips arranged into themed sections: Fred the Amorous, Fred the Artiste, Fred the Anomaly, Fred the Anachronism, Fred the Accursed and Fred the Astronaut. The plan was to have each section in the first book start with "A"; the second book would be "B" and so on. In any event, nobody nibbled, so I ended up using the section title pages in slightly altered form in the self-published Fred comics -- except this one, which I'm pretty sure has been an orphan until now. It would have preceded the haunted house story, "Scared Witless", from Fred #1.

Today: Inking Art d'Ecco page 1. (But probably not all of it; my wife and I are going out for a St.Valentine's Day dinner a day early tonight, because you should never count on your regular babysitter being free on Valentine's Day.)

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