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Friday, February 10, 2006


I will cheerfully tell anybody who asks that I would love to do a Plastic Man comic. If there's a superhero strip anywhere to which I would be better suited, I can't think of it. Here are some sample pages I did a few years back in one of my periodic attempts to get DC to throw me a bone. The script is taken from a Jack Cole story, "Sadly-Sadly", and reinterpreted in my own style. Did it work? Did it arse.

Today: Starting to pencil the new 20-page lead story to the Art d'Ecco book (after finishing the Inside Soap pic I was supposed to finish yesterday). I'm going to try to pencil 2 pages today. Somehow.


  1. Very nice stuff! (Is that a cameo by Commissioner Dolan?)

    On a somewhat related note, I was sad to see that the current series by Kyle Baker will be coming to an end following the "Infinite Crisis" hoohah. Maybe after lying fallow for a few years there'll be another revival? ...

  2. Wow! I think it is real good.

  3. Great stuff! excellent line work and details--as usual.

    I can only hope that one day we can buy a collection of all this kind of stuff.

    See you at comicon San Diego!


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