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Thursday, March 02, 2006

And they did comic strips, too

Here's a three-page strip I did for Horrible Histories (sans text - I encourage you to invent your own, with hilarious results no doubt). They had strips in every issue, but I only ever got to do this one.

Some actual strip work, with words and everything, is up at the Smithson site this week if you feel like checking it out. Words, plot and characters by the fabulous Shaenon Garrity. Nice to have something out there while I'm working on the d'Ecco book so people don't think I'm dead.

Speaking of funny women, I was really shocked and surprised to find out yesterday that Britain's funniest woman, Linda Smith, had died. I'm a fan of Radio 4's News Quiz, where she did a lot of her best work (at least in broadcast media). You could do a lot worse than tune in to Radio 4 at 6.30pm GMT on Friday (live streaming here) to hear a tribute special.

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