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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Catch Up and Thing

I've been crap at updating this monster this week, haven't I? Apologies - here's a whole lot of piccies to make up for it. I went to the UK Web and Mini-Comix Thing yesterday and had a splendid time, as always -- here are some of the sketches I did while I was waiting for some curious soul to give me all their money. I'll post some more tomorrow.


  1. hey guys! love this blog! check mine out! Found a place where you can make some extra cash. Just put in your
    zip code and fine a bunch of places where you can make some extra cash. I live in a small town and found several.

  2. Would these places be underneath street lamps?

  3. Bloody Hell! I remember the top two characters from my ye olde days of buying Deadline Magazine. I think I still have them tucked away some place. Whatever happened to that mag? That must be something like 15 or so years ago?

  4. I was doing stuff for them in 1993 or so. Damn long time ago, anyway.

    What happened to them? Tank Girl the Movie happened to them, I guess. They basically put all their eggs in the Tank Girl basket and weren't ready when it, er, tanked. Mainstream British comics have been pretty dull ever since. And Frank Wynne was probably the best editor I ever had (inasmuch as I learned a lot from his input).

  5. 93, eh? That makes me feel slightly decrepid. It was a good mag. There's nothing even remotely like it around now. Saying that, it's not very often that I haunt my local Forbidden Planet. I'm a bit out of the loop comics-wise.

    I did a bit of work for an indie music magazine in the early 90s called Lime Lizard. That went belly up too. Largely down to the fact that the owner was fantastically inept on all levels.


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