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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Things to Come

I suppose now would be a good time to let you know what I've been working on that has been keeping me too busy to maintain a blog. Well, there are a few things coming up:

(1) The Goon Noir - a five-page story in #2, written and drawn by me, which should be out this month.

(2) A Howard the Duck story for one of those Civil War things Marvel are chugging out - script by the simply brilliant Ty Templeton, and I only wish I'd had a bit more time to do it justice.

(3) A story for the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#377), featuring David Tennant as the Doctor, plus Rose, Mickey and Jackie. Called "The Green-Eyed Monster", it's written by Nev Fountain and it's loads of fun.

(4) A story for the upcoming Marvel Holiday Special, sort of a follow-up to last year's Fin Fang Four, called "How Fin Fang Foom Saved Christmas". Script by Scott Gray.

I'm going to appear really, really busy for a month and then disappear off the face of the earth...


  1. Loved the WHO page. Plus, may have to buy that Marvel book,'cus I loved that last Fin Fang Four book.

  2. Thank you, gentlemen! I'm hoping to get some of my own stuff done soon, but these work-for-hire things have been a lot more fun than I had any right to expect.

  3. I second those emotions. The Dr Who looks fantastic, as does the Goon Noir, and I've added both single issues to my standing order.
    And I shall pick up the Marvel Holiday Special when it's on the shelves. But we want more real Landridge! :)

  4. Much though I love the colouring in DWM, your work really shines in black and white. I've spent whole hours* pouring over the crispy details in your Eighth Doctor strips.

    *Well, not hours maybe. Long, long minutes let's say.


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