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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I bring you news from Earth

That Comics Journal interview is out now! Four years in the making, if you count from the date where they first asked me if I'd be interested. Those nuts! Chock full of Langridge waffle from both myself and my brother Andrew, plus 20-odd pages of comic content by me, as well as whatever else they threw in from the small rainforest's worth of paper I mailed them. That's this year's book sorted, I reckon.

Also worth announcing is the Indie Spinner Rack anthology, Awesome, which (despite the cheesy title) promises to be quite an amazing collection, featuring new work by myself, Al Columbia, Renée French, Nick Bertozzi, Bernie Mireault, Andy Runton and many, many others. I'm slightly awed and humbled to be in such illustrious company. It's going to be out for SPX, and can be ordered from the latest issue of Previews.

Last but not least, I'm currently putting the new Knuckles one-shot, She Might Get Rather Crude, together. It'll be out for SPX in October if all goes well. This one is written by Cornelius Stone and features stories by me, Dylan Horrocks, Ant Sang, Chris Slane and others, as well as pin-ups by Bob Fingerman and Mike Mignola.

That should keep you busy for another couple of months...


  1. Oh, dear. She's got quite the aim, that Knuckles. Impressive.

  2. A great interview. I was afraid Groth was going to get all ninja-autodidact on you, but he put you in a good light.

  3. Great interview Roger...! Congratulations!!!



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